7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge – Day 7 | What did I learn? How did it go?

Yesterday was the final day of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge!  I was sick on Saturday and Sunday so I’m a day behind with my writing and washing.  But I’m happy that I can go back to using my washer today!  While hand washing wasn’t nearly as hard or time-consuming as I thought it would be it still got old having to wash diapers every night.


Today’s​ topic is “What did you learn and how did it go?”.  It went smoothly, until I got sick, then it wasn’t so fun.

The flats worked great and saved my pocket diapers.  I’ll be continuing to use the flats with my pocket diapers since that’s what I have.  But if I do have to ever replace the pocket diapers I probably will go with wool covers.

While the flats work great they are definitely not as convenient as other diapers.  It takes slightly more time to fold them but the main downside for me is that they’re harder to get the poop off of.  There are just more layers to deal with.  I’m​ going to try stuffing a pad folded flat inside of the pocket.  Maybe that will fix any downside.


Those are my two biggest take aways from the challenge.  I’m glad I got back on the band wagon and have both boys in cloth!

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