7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge – Day 4 | What’s your wash routine?

It’s day four of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge! So far so good! Even the poopy diapers last night were no problem.

I’ve officially added my oldest to the challenge too. I put two flats in a pocket diaper last night and no leaks. No more disposables!

Today’s topic is “What’s your wash routine?”.

I have a big utility sink in my laundry room that I wash my diapers in.  When I change a kid I throw the diaper straight into the sink with some water.  Normally I don’t use a wet pail but I feel like this gets them cleaner and keeps them from smelling when I’m handwashing and not using a bag.  Sometime if they’re poopy I’ll throw a tiny bit of detergent in too.

When I’m ready to wash I just swirl them around I little bit with my handy dandy piece of PVC pipe just for good measure.  (The piece of pipe has a cap on the end so no sharp edges.)


I then drain this water, wring out the diapers and fill the sink up with warm soapy water.  With the soapy water I push and pull and plunge​ with my PVC pipe for a few minutes.  If there are poopy diapers I scrub them good with my hands. Then I let it sit for 15-20min. I normally wash while I cook supper so I’ll scrub for a while then let them sit while I chop veggies or something. This has worked out great.

Once they’ve sat I spend a couple more minutes agitating them then drain the water and wring them out again.  I then fill it up with warm water for a rinse and repeat the process.  Agitate, let sit, then agitate again.

I don’t spend very much time with the agitating and scrubbing. Most if the time spent washing they’re just sitting there. But this seems to work. They smell perfectly clean when I’m done.


So far the only downside has been sore shoulders.  I hope that just means I’m building muscle. 😁

This is a Blog Hop!  Check the other wash routines here.


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