7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge – Day 2 | What’s in your stash and how much did it cost?

Today is day 2 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge!  Today’s topic is “What is in your stash and how much did it cost?”.

Since I just recently (last week) decided to switch to flats I of course was extremely excited to start using them.  I was able to find a few different things around the house to use as flats.


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I had last week and yesterday I used:
7 embroidered flour sack towels that my Great Aunt gave us as a wedding gift.
2 flannel receiving blankets that my sister gave us.
9 cloth wipes I made out of a flannel receiving blanket also from my sister (not pictured).
6 LBB pocket diapers that my sister-in-law gave us that I’m using as covers.
Cost to me = Free!

I could have stuck with this for the challenge in the spirit of staying as cheap as possible but since my personal goal for the challenge is to get my stash of flats set up for long-term use I added a few things.

Last night I got an order in from Amazon and was able to add:
12 Organic OsoCozy Flats $30
6 OsoCozy Diaper Pins $4 (I had been simple tying an origami fold together or sticking a pad fold in the cover)
Cost = $34

I also hope to add to my stash on Thursday:
1 Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover – $30
With some special extras.
Eucalan Wash $9
Lanolin $8
Cost = $47

The wool cover is for my two-year old who only wears diapers during naps and at bed time and leaks out of everything.  So I’ll hopefully be adding another child to the challenge which means I’ll be cloth diapering two kids for:

Grand Total = $81

Of course there is a slight cost of detergent but I get the cheapest detergent from Sams (although it’s still one of the recommended detergents according to Fluff Love University) so the cost of that for a week is next to nothing.  I would like to switch to a more natural detergent sometime in the future and that will raise costs but this is what I have now.

If I was trying to stay as cheap as possible I could have bought non-organic products but buying organically to support farming without pesticides is very important to me.

I believe that’s it!  I rounded up I few things for my wash routine but other than a $2 dollar plug for the sink in my laundry room I didn’t spend any money there.

Check out everybody else’s stash’s here!



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