7th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge

Woohoo!  First blog post!

I’ve always thought about starting a blog and finally decided to make the plunge so I can blog about the upcoming Flats and Handwashing Challenge!


For seven days we’ll use only cloth flats to diaper our babies without the help of a washer!

The Challenge was started six years ago as a way to bring awareness to the fact that anyone can cloth diaper in almost any circumstance.  Have a small budget?  For as little as fifty dollars (less if you shop second-hand or make flats out of old t-shirts) you can have everything you need to diaper your child from birth to potty trained.  Don’t have easy access to a washing machine?  No problem!  Read more about the goals of the challenge here.

As a result of the challenge flats have seen a resurgence in use. People (myself included) are realizing that sometimes simplicity is queen!  I switched to using flats as my main diaper because they are sooo much easier to clean.  I was having the hardest time getting my microfiber inserts clean in our extremely hard water.  As a great bonus if you also use wool covers you can completely get rid of synthetics!

This is my first year taking the challenge and I’m super excited.  The fun starts on Monday so hurry and join up over at Cloth Diaper Revival (sign up here).  Every day there will be a linkup for people blogging about the experience.  So even if you can’t join the challenge you can still follow along and be inspired!


I'd love to hear what you think! Leave a comment!

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